Self Funding Magazine

Issue 40

Domestic International Medical Tourism

Domestic & International Medical Travel

Renée-Marie Stephano, J.D.

inding a good doctor – or an appropriate and affordable medical procedure -- isn’t always easy in today’s climate

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Employee Healthcare Cost Containment – A Strategy that Works

Jonathan Spero, M.D.

American employers will be looking forward to another year of rising healthcare costs for their employees and dependents

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Planning for ERISA Health and Welfare Benefit Plan Operations in 2014 SFM

Leslye Laderman, JD, LLM and Kimberley Mitchell, JD

Now is the time for employers and plan sponsors to ask themselves questions about compliance issues to address in 2014

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What’s in a Word?

Hobson Carroll

What’s in a word? A lot – especially when it comes to talking about health care and health care financing. For example, there is a great deal of current

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Return to Work and Psychological Risks: The Australian Experience

Dean Stone

The cost, duration and frequency of psychological claims have been rising in Australia over the past 10-15 years, with a notable surge in the past 5 years.

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Results Based Wellness Revealed Through Analytics 1

Richard Kersh

The prevalence of outcomes-based wellness programs in combination with incentives and disincentives are becoming increasingly

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The Return on Investment of an Integrated Rehabilitation Program on a Chronic Disability Population Using Case Reserves as a Primary Outcome Measure

Tiziano A Marovino DPT, MPH, DAAPM; Donald Bearden DO; Li Hsieh, Ph.D.; Jason Liao, PhD, MS

Work injuries are ubiquitous in the United States with actual rates fluctuating depending on the occupational sector and are generally a cost of doing business

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Voluntary Benefits Magazine

Is There a Future for Voluntary Medical Benefit Plans in the Post ACA Era?

Mark Verille

Is there a future for voluntary medical benefit plans in the post Affordable Care Act (ACA) era? Will employees use their disposable income to buy these benefits

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ACA’s Rate Structure Will Force Agencies to Adopt an Enrollment Platform in 2014


The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) rate structure has transformedonline enrollment from an optional service to a requirement to stay in business

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Corporate Wellness Magazine

ThreeStyles of Communication that Will Keep Your Employees Engaged in your Wellness Program

Jill Shah

With the rise of the chronic diseases like obesity and heart disease, and the increasing cost of employer health insurance claims

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Establishing and Sustaining a Culture of Corporate Wellness by Alleviating the Stress of Moving

Kevin Guz

Corporate wellness is a noble and necessary undertaking, which involves recognizing - and alleviating - the key sources of stress

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The (Computer) Code for Health: Making Managed IT Services the Foundation of Corporate Wellness-

Michael Hosey

Companies have varying definitions of corporate wellness, from lofty slogans and rhetorical proclamations to practical goals

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Why Some Wellness Programs Work and Others Don’t: Commonalities of Successes and Failures in Worksite Wellness Programs

Jenny Heafey

In the spirit of saving the best for last, let us start our conversation by painting a picture. Imagine this: you walk into your company’s lunchroom

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Corporate Wellness and Employee Morale: Supporting the Surgeons Who Transform the Lives of Patients

Lewis Fein

Corporate wellness and employee morale are inseparable. The two are responsible for everything from enhanced productivity

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Wellness 101 – Back to the Basics

Paul Elsass

Throughout the 23 years that I have worked in the wellness industry, I havetaken an interesting journey and have enjoyed learning about how to motivate people

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What is Stress?

Jeff Gero, Ph.D.

Stress is any strain or force on the body or mind; a power that deforms the shape of the body subjected to it. It is a dis-harmony or instability of a once-balanced state.

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How to Healthfully Survive These Stressful Times

Jeffrey Gero, Ph.D.

Almost everyone’s anxiety level is elevated because of these stressful times which affect most aspects of our daily life.

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The Missing Ingredient to your Wellness Recipe

Matt Sears

The days when employers wondered if it made good business, sense engages in worksite wellness are long gone.

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Wellness from Within: Addressing a Matter of Absolute Urgency for Employers and Employees

Johnny Tabaie

The theme of corporate wellness is both a practical necessity and a metaphor for executive leadership. This issue, which I addressed in a previous column concerning

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Everyone Has an Opinion

Stephanie McMullin

Let’s face it: everyone has an opinion, and it usually does not take much prodding to get it out of someone. We see it all around us. At your local restaurant

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Sitting Disease: A Blueprint for Averting Crisis

Dr. Gregory Soltanoff, CEO

It is not a coincidence that 2013 was the year we began to take seriously the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

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Results Based Wellness Revealed Through Analytics

Richard Kersh

The prevalence of outcomes-based wellness programs in combination with incentives and disincentives are becoming increasingly

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Set Up For Success: Experience Real Results

Jim Pshock, Founder and CEO of Bravo Wellness

It is no surprise that as healthcare costs continue to rise, organizations are looking for new ways to manage and control costs.

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Recipe for an Indubitable Wellness Program

Dr. Subhasish Sircar, Ph.D

In the face of the economic crisis and all the other gazillion problems at our doorstep workplace wellness may have taken a backseat for the time being

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Don’t Hate the Vending Machine!

Andrea Ihara

Often, when a company decides to begin a wellness program, the food and snack offerings in their facilities come into view.

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Incremental Innovation with Revolutionary Results: The Path to Corporate Wellness

Joshua Otten

Corporate wellness has many definitions and just as many goals, from the wholesale revival of workplace culture

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A Message of Wellness: Promoting Health with Effective Communications 1

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider

In the midst of the debate over health insurance reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA),

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Corporate Wellness and Individual Knowledge: Empowering and Educating Workers About Health Insurance Reform

Frank Welsh, Sr.

Amidst the debates, analyses, proposals and counteroffers, the multitude of conflicting reports and differing economic opinions

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Corporate Wellness Through a Shared Love of the Outdoors: Transforming an Annual Retreat into Recreational Fun

Corey Wilson

Corporate wellness has many benefits and definitions, from promoting nutrition and exercise to creating an inviting workplace

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ACOs – Are You R.E.A.D.Y.?

Eric M. Parmenter

Many hospitals,physician practices,and health systems are looking to emerging Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models as they evolve to the next generation of care delivery.

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Are You Doing Enough To Protect Your Employees from Workplace Burnout?

Rona Lewis, CEO RonaCorp

There is no denying the popularity of wellness programs. Numerous studies from sources such as Harvard University to GlobalFit

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Health Care Reform Magazine

Top 10 Strategies to Get the Most Out of the Affordable Care Act in 2014

Henry Albrecht

When employees stay healthy, they do better work – and cost their companies less in health insurance payments, missed work and underperformance

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Bring Case Management into Local Communities to Improve Results

Hilary Lyon

Health care reform and changing market dynamics are driving strong interest in engaging patients at the local level of care to improve outcomes and optimize cost savings

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Next Up: Customer Experience

Lindsay Resnick, Chief Marketing Officer, KBM Group: Health Services

There’s a lot of moving parts ahead in 2014’s healthcare ecosystem: Obamacare 2.0, Paying for Quality, mHealth, Big Healthcare Data and Socialnomics

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Millennials and Healthcare Reform

Dave Keller

Whether you call it Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one fact holds true: young Americans are slow to warm to the idea of purchasing individual major

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Planning for ERISA Health and Welfare Benefit Plan Operations in 2014

Leslye Laderman, JD, LLM and Kimberley Mitchell, JD

Now is the time for employers and plan sponsors to ask themselves questions about compliance issues to address in 2014

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Breaking the Doctor-Patient Relationship Impasse-An Institutional Economics Approach To Reforming Medical Practice

Prof. Karen Malone and Dr. Salinder Supri

A patient’s right to considerate and respectful care was enshrined in the American Hospital Association’s, “A Patient's Bill of Rights” in 1973

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My Take

Bobby Banyan

Recently, while attending a conference in Austin Texas I had opportunity to meet and listen to several guest speakers. One caught my attentionthe most

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